Each apprentice prospect makes application in person with the required documents.


A basic math skills test is then scheduled. If the prospect scores 75% or better they are scheduled for an oral interview.


The scores of the math test and oral interview are totaled and this is your score for placement.


You are then on the eligibility list for two years. Apprentices are called by highest current score on list.

Apprentices with no experience begin at a wage rate of either $15.80 or $16.31 an hour depending on trade.

This includes a full family medical plan, which is in addition to your wage package.

Jobs more than 50 miles from the Local office pay travel/subsistence of $56.00 a day.

Many projects can offer overtime and weekend work. Overtime is paid at 1 1/2 to 10 hours a day and double time thereafter. Saturdays are 1 1/2 for first 10 hours and double time thereafter. Sundays and holidays are double time.

 Training is free.

 Classes are two nights a week.

 Hours of instruction are 6:00PM to 9:30PM.

 We offer normal semesters with summers off.

 All books and materials are furnished at no cost to you.

 All terms and conditions of your apprenticeship agreement must be adhered to for continued participation in the program

 Raises are provided yearly.

Applications taken every Tuesday 2:00pm to 4:00 PM.

We offer Veterans preference in our selection process.

Our Staff

Our instructors are industry professionals active in their trade.

Each has received schooling from our international and has a California State Teaching credential for Vocational Subjects. As an example if you are taking a design and layout class that instructor is employed by a contractor as a design detailer. Our welding instructors are Certified Weld Inspectors.


Our Training

Class is two nights a week Monday through Friday 6PM to 930PM. Each of our apprentices has a curriculum that is specifically designed to cover all aspects of their trade. Each class is for 18 weeks duration. We are on a semester system, with normal summer breaks.

Apprentices must complete 20 classes with a grade of C or better, work at least 7500 hours and pass a certification test in their trade to become journeymen.